The foundation for NMKRV PU College was laid in 1971 with an endeavour to bridge the learning gap between schools and universities.

Since its inception, the college has enabled many young scholars to prepare for academic excellence in universities of global repute. Today, the alumni network boasts of achievers in every academic field who inspire students with aspirations to become ideal citizens and leaders.

The academic infrastructure boasts a modern edifice, surrounded by greenery, in the prime area of Jayanagar, Bengaluru, and supported by experienced faculty members dedicated to educating the next generation of professionals.


Late Sri. Sivananda Sarma

Our salutation to the Great soul, the visionary par excellence, late Sri. Sivananda Sarma, the
Founder, Secretary of Rashtreeya Sikshana Samithi Trust. The little sapling that he planted in
those days has grown into an educational edifice of international repute.


Late Smt. Nagarathnamma

Late Sri. Meda Kasturiranga Setty


Sri. K. S. Akhilesh Babu
Sri. R. Anantha Raman

Sri. Balakrishna S.M.

Sri. a.c. Chandrashekar Raju
Sri. M. K. Dattaraj
Sri. Dev Darshan Banad Viswanath

Sri. Ganesh Narayan C.


Sri. Hayagriv C.V.

Smt. P. S. Maya Chandra
Sri. P. S. Nandakumar
Sri. A. S. Vishnu Bharath
Sri. N. R. Nandish N.R.
Smt. Pramila Vijayakumar
Dr. M. S. Prakash

Sri. K. A. Sujit Chandan
Sri. S. Suresh
Sri. P. S. Venkatesh Babu
Sri. B. R. Viswanath Setty

SRI. Praveen P.N.

Sri. Gurudatt M.R.

Sri. M. K. Ramachandra